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Optimizing Health: The Benefits of Microscopy & Salivary Diagnostics


Tosha Kozloski

June 1, 2024



CE Credits:

About the Course

Have you become desensitized to bleeding gums? As a pervasive issue among a substantial number of our patients, we can inadvertently grow desensitized to this concern, almost overlooking the fact that the risks extend well beyond compromising the longevity of dental work —it can pose life-threatening consequences. Explore the transformative capabilities of phase-contrast microscopy in the realm of periodontal care. This technology not only facilitates earlier detection and intervention of gum disease but also empowers us to engage, motivate, and educate patients about the whole health effects of periodontal disease. In the '70s, Dr. Paul Keyes transformed periodontal care with the use of a phase-contrast microscope, redirecting focus from probe depths, to eliminating bacterial risk factors. Today, we take this one step further by integrating salivary diagnostics to further tailor periodontal treatments with precision, elevating our ability to provide personalized care. Join us to learn more about embracing this progressive paradigm shift that further enhances oral and overall health through advanced microscopy and diagnostic methodologies.

Educational Objectives

  • Understand the key players in the mouth-body connection, and their role in causing periodontal and systemic diseases.

  • Recognize the role of biofilm in periodontal disease.

  • Identify the difference between a high risk and low risk plaque (aka biofilm) samples.

  • Learn how objective diagnostic parameters result in higher diagnosis rates, higher treatment rates, and healthier, more motivated patients!

Your Instructor

Tosha Kozloski

Tosha Kozloski, RDH, is the founder of TOSH (Teaching Oral-Systemic Health). She’s a dental consultant and educator dedicated to creating health-centered clinicians, bridging the dental-medical gap, and reigniting careers. Tosha teaches teams to pivot from the often-practiced reactionary model to a science-backed wellness model. She’s proven that a wellness-centered hygiene program creates value-based dentistry, a huge benefit in any economy! Tosha is an expert educator in dental hygiene. Her skillset allows her to teach dental teams across the globe how to engage their patients, become inspired clinicians, and skyrocket their production. When practice owners adopt these wellness-based principles, they achieve a healthier, happier, and more profitable hygiene department.

Conflict of Interest Disclosure

None Reported

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